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What is joinery? And other joinery FAQ’s

While many people have heard the term ‘joinery,’ fully understanding the work a joiner carries out can be another story. Many confuse it with the work of a carpenter, and while they both work with wood there are distinct differences.

As the specialists of timber joinery and custom made furniture in Bundaberg, Adina Designed Interiors work with timber and other materials to create stunning surfaces, fantastic fixtures, timber doors and windows and inspiring interiors for your home. We share some of the most common questions people have about the craft of joinery in this blog post.

What is joinery?

Joinery is the detailed functional elements within a building that are often fixed to the structure. These can include solid timber cupboards, cabinets and benches. In its simplest form, joinery is the process by which two or more sections of timber are connected. It can be both simple and complex and can serve as a functional and decorative feature in the home.

What does a joiner do?

While a carpenter will install timber products on site, a joiner will typically get to work making the timber products including cabinet doors, timber frames and other custom made furniture pieces off site. While there is significant overlapping of work, they are different specialities in the same craft.

What kinds of custom made furniture can a joiner create?

Some of the most common projects a joiner may create include timber framed windows and doors, desks, wardrobes, bookshelves, coffee tables and other wall units depending on your individual needs. The largest advantage in using a Joiner to create a piece of furniture, timber window or door is that you can have something created that is individual in design and specific to your requirements.

What are some common joints that can be created?

There are many different joints used when working with timber – eg butt joints, tongue and groove joints, daddo joints, dove tail joints etc. The type of joint used is dependent upon the type of furniture or fitting that is being created and its specific use.  Tables for instance will commonly use butt joints for the right angles that are featured. These different joints can all be fortified using glue, nails or screws depending on the application.

Why use timber and work with a joiner?

Timber’s appeal is timeless and unique as no two pieces of timber are identical. Unlike other materials, timber never goes out of style and the different grains, colours and character of timber can give your home a unique and personalised look. By working with a joiner, you can design a piece of furniture to accommodate a particular space within your home. Adina Designed Interiors can create your design and bring that vision to life!

To find out more about working with the timber crafting specialists or any of our other interior design services here at Adina Designed Interiors call our friendly team today on (07) 4132 7755

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