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3 Signs Custom Furniture Fits Your Buying Personality

Everybody wants to be different. We welcome our friends and family into our homes and into our psyches; your living space reflects your personality and preferences. Not everybody should have a flat-packed, pre-prepared, magazine copied bedroom, lounge room or dining area. The chances are, if you’re reading this, you’re ready to discover the wonderful, creative world of custom furniture. We know, it feels like a big commitment, and when faced with cheap-cheap options, it’s almost logical to clamour to your nearest churn and burn furniture barn. But hold up, sit down and read a little before lying to yourself again – you know that mass produced stuff you usually go for isn’t quite doing it for you. It’s not exactly lasting the distance!

1. You’re Picky

Admit it, you know what you like and make no apologies for it. You run your fingers over wood grain, check joint quality and comment on the craftsmanship – or rip into it, before buying because there’s no real local alternative. Because you feel like you should. It’s cost effective – but is it? Really? Is replacing something after 2 years of use cost effective? Adina Interiors understand the picky version of you. You’ve probably stood in store and designed your own TV display unit, integrating features of a few different offerings – we can help you there.

 2. You Love Quality

Quality is hard to come by. They just don’t make anything like they used to. Tables are cheap and nasty, made from thick ply or painted timber, held together by glue that barely holds it together for the period of a phone contract. To achieve quality pieces at home, you may have to spend a little more now to save a lot more later – you also have greater control over the materials used, creative input into the aesthetic and a mind of development, as everything comes together exactly as you imagined it would.  High quality and a product you’ll love, all the time.

 3. You Can’t Go Past Locally Made

Australian made items are harder to find. Inferior pieces are being imported from all over the world, bought by your neighbours, even your Mum and Dad, due to their immediate accessibility – cheap as chips, as they say. But you want the money you spend to stay in the country and support local business, it’s important to fuel the economy, jobs and carry on the tradition of quality cabinet making. When you think about it, buying locally made and expertly design furniture is one of the most patriotic things you can do without being loud and obnoxious about it. Support local business, support local workers and buy a furniture piece you’ll be talking about for years to come.


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