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Design Trends for Queensland offices

Design Trends for Queensland offices

The Queensland climate influences many design trends in offices. Protection from the extreme weather is essential, but it is also important that workers do not feel too closed in. There needs to be a balance between insulating a room from the heat and limiting the harsh rays of sun that flow through the windows, whilst still supporting the flow of natural light and air. We have listed some design trends for Queensland offices that all employees and clients who visit your office will love.

Office Design Trends

Outdoor meeting areas

A courtyard or a patio could be the perfect place for a meeting at any time of the day. One of the reasons people dread meetings is that they are usually trapped inside an air-conditioned office for extended hours. Why not take your business outside, and see how much more productivity is achieved. A great designer will ensure this area is suitable for meetings through the use of large tables, awnings, and even outdoor fans.

Native plants

Office plants are usually purchased because they are easy to care for and keep indoors, but they are often bland to look at. Enhance your office space with native plants that have been carefully chosen to suit the indoor environment. Choosing plants that are native to Queensland will remind you that you are living and working in one of the most beautiful areas of the world.

Energy efficiency

The major trend right now, for all building types, is energy efficiency. Great designers, decorators and builders will have strategies to reduce the use of energy in a building, especially when it comes to heating and cooling. Try solar energy, window coverings that insulate a room, or add in a few extra windows and doors to promote airflow. Even though these changes may cost your office money now, it will save money in the future from reduced energy bills. Energy efficiency is a community responsibility, and this is something your office can do to support a sustainable future.

Home-style decorating

A new trend in office design is the creation of a home-style environment rather than a corporate environment. Your office can still be clean and well-presented, but the stuffiness of the traditional office can be left behind. Boost your rooms with colour and natural textures like wood and stone, and leave the laminates alone. A relaxed and comfortable office will bring peace and harmony to your workplace, and is perfect for the Queensland lifestyle.

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