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Cheap and Easy Storage Solutions for Small Spaces

Nothing makes a small area seem even smaller than clutter. The first rule for an uncluttered home is to have a place for everything and everything in its place, but in a small space, that can be a difficult task. Difficult, but not impossible. Even the smallest home can be a haven of organisation with these handy storage tips

Make the Most of Empty Space

What empty space? you might be thinking. Most houses have empty and underutilised areas that, with a little creativity, can be used in a whole new way.

Walls are the first point of call for extra storage. A few extra shelves or some cube units are the cheapest and most simple way to get extra storage miles for your household.

Existing cupboards and closets can usually be hacked to provide even more space as they are often too tall for the items that hold them. Do a quick audit of your existing cupboards and decide what each will be used for. Now you can purchase extra shelving, dividers and hanging racks to use the space more effectively.

If you don’t have enough bedroom space, get rid of your ensemble or ‘to the floor’ bed and invest in a frame with drawers underneath and shelves on the bed head.

And if you’ve got stairs, you might have a whole other room that you’re not even using! The space under your stairs can be used for extra storage or, with some creativity and clever furniture, can even function as another room. Build yourself an office, a butler’s pantry, or even a downstairs bathroom.

Choose clever furniture

As we touched on earlier, a carefully chosen bed can provide you with extra hidden storage. Now all you have to do is extend this to the rest of your house. Chose pieces that can be used in several different ways – a futon can be a couch or a spare bed for guests, a large ottoman can be used as a foot rest, an extra chair or even a table, and bookshelves can divide rooms while also providing much needed shelving.

Fold out furniture is another must have for small houses and units. These days, you can find a fold out option for nearly any types of furniture. Some common examples include fold out drying racks bolted to the wall in the laundry, a flip down dining table that can be folded back up after meals, and folding chairs that can be slid out of sight.

Hide It

If you don’t have the time, money or inclination to sort through your items to find the perfect storage solution, it’s time to employ the golden rule – out of sight, out of mind. Stack everything in an out of the way corner and block it from sight behind furniture or a hanging curtain.

Alternately, you could try hiding it in plain sight. Aesthetically pleasing items can make an interesting table centrepiece or arty decorative piece.

For more advice on getting extra storage from your small space, call Adina Designed Interiors, Bundaberg’s premier interior design team, on (07) 4132 7755.

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