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Interior Design Bundaberg: fitting your kitchen to perfection

Interior Design Bundaberg: fitting your kitchen to perfection

Bundaberg has seen considerable growth in the past decade and because of this, there is an abundance of modern homes on the market. Contemporary designs are becoming more and more prevalent throughout the Bundaberg region, however not all of these homes offer the same design appeal. In fact, it is easy to be distracted by an impressive exterior, only to enter a home and discover that it has poor interior design and limited practicality.

Interior design is the cornerstone of an appealing home; a well-designed interior will offer both practical benefits and fantastic aesthetic appeal. Great interior design is not always simple, however, and there are a number of points in a standard home that are often lacking from a design perspective. Perhaps the most notable of these is the kitchen. Kitchens serve a very specific, very practical and very important purpose, which means that they require a considered and measured approach in their layout and design. There are several features of a standard kitchen that require particular attention and these include storage, fittings and bench tops – all of which contribute to the overall functionality of a kitchen, as well as its design appeal.

The features of good interior design

Despite popular opinions to the contrary, good interior design hinges upon one main factor: practicality. It is a common mistake to take a somewhat abstract approach in modern contemporary interior design, with the intention of creating a distinct point of difference. More often than not, such an approach will simply impinge upon the liveability of a home and this is particularly so with regard to a kitchen. The fundamental layout of a kitchen has remained unchanged for centuries because of its purpose and the best approach to designing a kitchen, is to draw upon this. Instead of seeking abstract distinction, draw attention to the practical strengths of your kitchen – such as innovative storage solutions – and complement these with high quality materials and fittings. An approach of this nature is founded, to an extent, upon the fundamental principles of interior design – in particular the notion of simplicity.

The easiest approach to crafting a designer kitchen

Whilst it is not always easy to design a kitchen that is both appealing and practical, there are some aspects that offer a great foundation upon which you can craft a designer kitchen space. Using a simple approach will quite often yield the best results and in the context of interior design and kitchens, it is best to address storage, materials and appliances first.


Almost all designer kitchens have innovative and unique storage solutions; within the scope of simple design, storage is the feature of a kitchen that allows for the most creativity. Working in conjunction with a cabinetmaker, you can develop unique and creative storage solutions – including pantries, drawers, cabinets and more – that appeal to the strengths of your kitchen, as well as its layout and features.


Using high quality materials in the design of your kitchen will give you a designer finish and enable you to colour code your kitchen to your exact specifications. This applies to every feature of your kitchen, although it is particularly important in the development of your kitchen’s bench tops. A high quality stainless steel, granite, marble or timber bench top is sure to be the focal point of your kitchen, and you can manipulate the specific appearance of your chosen material to cultivate a certain look or style.


To ensure that your kitchen is finished to perfection, you can select appliances that are both visually appealing and high quality. Not only with this offer you longevity and value for money, it will also offer you a targeted and personally crafted visual finish to your kitchen; appliances can be used as an easy and interchangeable design tool.

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