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The Top 5 Interior Design Trends For Your Home

The Top 5 Interior Design Trends For Your Home

When it comes to interior design, trends seem to come and go. Each year we see the emergence of new and sometimes questionable interior accessories. However, there are some trends that have a more enduring impact on interior design. While you should always organise your interior to suit you personally, there are some trends that might be worth investigating. To help stimulate your imagination, we have compiled a list of five interior design trends that look great in almost any home.

Marble Bench Tops

Marble bench tops are an undeniable classic when it comes to kitchen and bathroom design. Marble comes in a range of different colours in the white, black, rose, yellow, grey or green hues. No two slabs of marble are the same, therefore you will be sure to have a truly unique bench top. However, marble is very porous and susceptible to staining, therefore not really recommended for Kitchens. Another concern with marble is that it is easily scratched and chipped. If there is a particular slab of marble that catches your eye, it may be better used on a bench top of TV unit or sideboard that isn’t exposed to spills, or on a feature bench in the Kitchen that isn’t in the main preparation area. Marble is perfect to use as a fireplace surround. Granite, Corian and reconstituted stones are a much more practical choice for kitchen bench tops. Reconstituted stones are advancing in design, with many now resembling marble and other natural stones.

Dining Rooms

The traditional dining room seemed to feature less and less in modern homes during recent years. When space is at a premium, dining rooms seem to draw the short straw in modern design. Fortunately, however, they are making a comeback. Dining rooms are an excellent place for you to showcase your own design preferences. You can choose a nice dining table with matching chairs as a feature. You can also hang any decorations or art of your choosing in the room. Last, but not least, dining rooms encourage families to spend time together, which is valuable in its own right.

Gas Stoves

Gas stoves are often overlooked in favour of their electric counterparts. Increasingly, however, they are being employed as a strong interior design point in modern kitchens. Gas stoves come in many different designs and often feature the sleek elegance of stainless steel. As well as being a great interior trend, gas stoves also generate more heat and are better for cooking. This means you get visual and practical benefits when you choose gas over electric.

Wall Mounted Vanities

No list of design trends would be complete without reference to bathrooms. Bathroom trends seem to come and go quicker than any others, however one trend in particular seems to have stuck: wall mounted vanities. Wall mounted vanities are a relative low profile alternative to the larger and more traditional floor mounted options. Wall mounted vanities offer an understated and simple aesthetic that is space efficient and sleek. These vanities also allow you to clean your bathroom with greater ease. Despite occupying less space they do offer great storage capacities.

Customised Cabinetry

Customised cabinetry has been in the limelight of interior design for many years. Cabinetry seems to be one of the more challenging features of design to perfect. Sometimes, generic cabinets and storage solutions simply don’t appeal to homeowners. In some cases they do not offer adequate storage, and in other cases they just don’t suit the interior design of your home. Customised cabinetry is the perfect solution. It allows you to tailor it to meet your visual needs. It also makes the most of your available space. Instead of trying to jam a generic cabinet into a tight space, you can mould a customised cabinet to any area you like. This improves the appearance and enhances the practical benefits of the cabinet.

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