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5 Kitchen Lighting Tips From The Experts

Kitchen Lighting Tips

Redoing a kitchen is one the most challenging and rewarding interior jobs you can do. There are so many elements to the perfect kitchen, and when they all fall into place it’s like completing a stunning jigsaw puzzle. Lighting completes the jigsaw, however, needs some planning in the early stages to do it well. Luckily, we are here to help!

Good Kitchen lighting is fundamental to the practicality of a kitchen; it ties everything together and illuminates it all for everyone to see. So, in order to help you perfect your kitchen +and complete the puzzle, we have put together a list of expert kitchen lighting tips.

You don’t have to go with the status quo! Some of the best kitchen lighting tips break tradition

A lot of interiors take a utilitarian approach to lighting. And that’s understandable, but it doesn’t have to be the case. You can achieve functional lighting in a myriad of fresh and exciting ways. Depending on the style of the kitchen, lighting can be as minimalistic as flush mounted fixtures on the ceiling, with impressive pendants that are often the focal point of the kitchen.

Of course, light can still be unique, like under-cabinet lights

We are all about great design, but even we recognise that it has to come second to practicality sometimes. However, that doesn’t mean you always have to choose one over the other. Getting creative often improves practicality, and we think that under-cabinet lights are a great example of that. Under cabinet, lights give your kitchen an interesting depth, and they also illuminate drawers very nicely. With some forward thinking, you can eliminate dark spots in your kitchen and achieve a cool layering of light. It’s a win-win!

Do you have an island bench? There are plenty of kitchen lighting tips for you!

Island benches are the perfect place for you to release your inner interior designer. If you’ve played a big part in the remodelling of your kitchen, chances are you have put painstaking hours the island bench. And that’s understandable – they are more or less the highlight of any kitchen. So it’s only fitting that you give it the attention it deserves with an eye-catching hanging fixture. This will cast glorious light over your island bench and contribute to the ambience that you’re trying to develop. Be careful to forward plan if you have very high ceilings as you might need to get creative with how to run the cables for your lights!

If you’ve made it to the lighting stages of a kitchen refit, you’re pretty much a seasoned interior DIYer. So you’ll probably be familiar with the zoning system. This system involves breaking down each area of a room according to its purpose, and how much foot traffic it receives. In a kitchen, your zones will roughly comprise of walkways, preparation surfaces, storage and general areas. Now, for each zone, think about what sort of lighting suits it best. A good place to start is walkways – normally, they will need some sort of general lighting solution. Once that is taken care of, you can think about what the other areas require in order to illuminate them adequately.

Finally, enlist the help of some interiors experts – they might be able to pick up on something extra

By now you’ve probably realised how much thought is required to achieve the ultimate lighting solution. That’s why we recommend getting an expert opinion. Lighting experts will be able to identify a few good solutions with ease. They will also be able to workshop your ideas into the perfect lighting solution.

So give them a call today on (70) 4121 6675 or contact us online.

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