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Are Bifold Doors a Good Idea?

Are Bifold Doors a Good Idea?

Bifold doors are an ever-present fixture on the interior design scene. And like everything that’s been around for a while, people can often question them. So we thought we would take a look at the most common question we get about bifold doors: are they a good idea? It seems like a pretty simple question, and even though we may seem a bit biased, the evidence points to one answer: absolutely! Bifold doors are a great idea in almost any home. If you’re not quite convinced, though, here’s some evidence to assuage your doubts.

Let’s start with the pros and cons of bifold doors

Pros and cons are the best way to answer any question. So let’s take a look at the pros and cons of bifold doors to work out whether they’re a good idea for you. First, there’s looks. Bifold doors offer a wide range of designs, which despite being subtly different, offer entirely unique aesthetic dimensions. Put simply, looks are a definite pro! Then there’s comfort. We could talk for hours about the advantages of bifold doors in terms of home liveability. But to save you the time, we’ve mentioned it in brief below.

1. Bifold doors allow your home to exist seamlessly in its environment. Here’s why that’s such a pro!

Being at one with your environment is at the top of almost every homeowner’s list of priorities. Environmental integration is also a staple of home design. All good home designs and additions lend an added layer of environmental seamlessness. Bifold doors also do, with some of the best results you’ll see. So what is it about these seemingly simple additions that offer so much to your home? To our minds, it comes down to breeze and airflow. Even in the cooler months, airflow is an absolute necessity. The most liveable homes are always the ones that place the fewest barriers between you and the outside world. Bifold doors offer exactly that; they take you close enough to the outdoors, without allowing any of the negative to come along with them. In essence, bifold doors give you cool breezes and reduce your reliance on things like air conditioners and ceiling fans.

2. Bifold doors capitalise on natural light, which means they are a good idea to cut down on power use

If there’s one thing bifold doors are known for even more than breezes, it’s views. Bifold doors are among the few home additions that offer almost unrestricted views of the outdoors. That is a gift in itself; everybody loves a good view! But it has some extra little sweeteners that often go unnoticed. One of them: natural light. Natural light is healthy, enjoyable, and pretty hard to fault. But our favourite part about natural light is that it’s sustainable and completely free! With bifold doors bathing your living room in the sun’s rays, you can go all day without flicking a light switch. That means less power consumption and lower energy bills!

3. Are timber framed bifold doors a good idea as well? Absolutely! You can choose whatever timber you like

Some people are reluctant to welcome timber accents into their home décor. There seems to be a slight concern that timber doesn’t integrate well into modern designs. Well, allow us to put that to rest once and for all! Timber goes with any interior décor. It can dress up, dress down, come light and bright, or dark and moody. Timber can give a rough rustic look or a silky smooth finish. Timber-framed bifold doors are no different. There are plenty of timbers on offer, from native hardwoods to classic pines. With so many choices, you can find timber-framed bifold doors to perfectly suit your home regardless of its current finishes.

So, are bifold doors a good idea? We think the answer to that is a pretty clear yes!

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