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A Guide to Redesigning Spaces Within Your Home

Redesigning Spaces In Your Home

All homes are different. Mostly, they reflect the needs and preferences of their owners. But sometimes, it can feel like the shoe doesn’t quite fit. If you’ve got that sort of feeling, it might be time to redesign some spaces within your home. It’s only natural that, as your circumstances change, you outgrow certain aspects of your home.

For example, as your family grows, you might find more use for a multi-purpose entertainment room, as opposed to a formal dining room. Perhaps you’ve got a growing business, and could find more use for a study than a spare room. Regardless of your circumstances, it’s never too late to redesign spaces around your home. So let’s take a look at what it involves.

Start at the start: what spaces do you have, and what spaces do you want?

When it comes to a redesigning project, it’s important to get off to a good start. So before you go any further, make sure you know exactly what you’ve got, and exactly what you want. Sometimes, you might even find an overlap! In practical terms, though, this step allows you to ascertain the vacant space you have at your disposal.

Take note of the dimensions of the room you’re looking to redesign. How long, wide, and high is it? Once you know that, you can turn your mind to the components you want to remove, and the ones you want to add. How do the dimensions change when you take out unwanted furnishings? Are you left with enough room to add everything you want? Getting a firm grasp on the space you have available allows you to prioritise.

Redesigning spaces in your home can involve a complete conversion – here’s an example

Redesigning projects can be as big or as small as you want them to be. On the bigger end of the spectrum, you have a complete conversion. A great example of that is the conversion of a dining space, to a multi-purpose entertainment space. Dining spaces are generally quite understated. For the most part, they’re a good blank canvas.

So, as a result, you’ll need to add a few things to make it rated for entertainment! You can even go the whole hog and remove non-structural walls to create an open-plan space. There are no limits to the lengths you can go to in a redesigning project. But, of course, that doesn’t mean there aren’t much simpler options available to you.

If you want more storage space, redesigning spaces can be a little more subtle

If you don’t have any need for a complete conversion, your space redesigning project is likely to be a little easier. Take storage, for example. Added storage is the reason for most redesigning projects. If you’ve got a growing family then space efficiency is important.

Often, that means you’ll need to redesign inefficient spaces around your home. Doing so requires some creative thinking, no doubt, but it doesn’t have to be as big as a room conversion. The basic principles remain the same, though: take note of the space and its dimensions, then establish how to utilise it most efficiently!

Space redesigning projects can be as simple as a change in décor – but they can be complex too

If you want to redesign spaces around your home simply for aesthetic reasons, then you’ve got plenty of options. In visual redesigning projects, we think it’s best to start simple. Rearrange your furniture – play around with some different options. Perhaps try a few focal colour points around the place, and see how they feel. If you’re still not satisfied, work your way up to the bigger projects, such as re-flooring or repainting. In a lot of cases, you’ll find that the simplest solutions are the best!

If you want to redesign spaces within your home, we suggest getting some expert help – here’s why

Redesigning spaces within your home is a great DIY project. However, there’s always a lot of advantage in getting expert help. If you look at the same space for too long, it can be hard to maintain a neutral perspective. Often, a fresh set of professional eyes will find creative solutions that were hiding in plain sight all along!

So get in touch with the experts today, and see what options are available for your space.

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