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2023 office furniture design trends: what you need to know

Office furniture and feature lamp showing the office furniture design trends

The 2023 office furniture design trends are starting to take shape, and we wanted to give you a sneak peek at what is coming.

These trends are based on current interior design trends and the needs of people who work in an office environment. We have seen a shift towards more flexible layouts, neutral designs, and work-at-home environments. With the thoughts of pandemics and lockdowns behind us, we are looking forward to new ways of working and new styles of in-office workspace. Here is a closer look at each of these trends and what you can expect in the years ahead.

  1. The rise of open-plan offices & the need for versatile, comfortable furniture
  2. The popularity of colourful workspaces & the trend towards informal meeting areas
  3. The use of natural materials & a more sustainable environment in office design
  4. Technology-driven trends, such as the increasing use of virtual reality in work environments
  5. How to choose the right type of office furniture for your business
  6. What trends to expect in office design for 2023

1. The rise of open-plan offices and the need for versatile, comfortable furniture

Open coworking space with shared furniture and festoon lighting hanging above workers

2023 will see trends towards more open, collaborative and friendly office workspaces with more face-to-face communication using dual combination desks to reduce feelings of isolation amongst employees. Additionally, with the advent of more portable technology like tablets, notebooks, laptops and mobiles, employees are now able to take advantage of being able to move around more freely while still maintaining productivity. This can be encouraged by the provision of lounge suites and similar seating or possibly more flexible mobile partitions to open up the workspace.

 2. The popularity of colourful workspaces and the trend towards more informal meeting areas

Bright orange and red chairs next to large navy, trendy couch in office entryway

2023 will see trends towards introducing colour rather than the last decades’ grey look. Yes, it even sounds sad, but colours like terra cotta, turquoise, blue or sea green or orange are trending more and more. Stimulating colours that give a feeling of dynamics and creativity are a pleasure to behold. Go bold! Engage a vibrant colour palette for your office walls or partitions. Decor that has character and holds interest too is coming into vogue. A consideration that is worth looking at is your reception area and its furniture, which needs to be inviting and stimulating, particularly if the area is open to the public. Remember, first impressions are those that last the longest.              

3. The use of natural materials and a more sustainable natural environment in office design

​​Warm tones with vertical timber slats make unique furniture and matching fitout in office waiting area

With the increasing sensitivity towards a more sustainable future using carbon capture, carbon emissions reduction, and energy efficiency, using natural materials like timber or stonework is becoming a dynamic trend in office design. Along with this comes a focus on natural light and open airflow rather than the old dated fluoros and stuffy air con. In the absence of the ability to have natural light, subdued lighting is coming into vogue. Additionally, access to an open greenspace or, at best, a flourish of indoor plants adds to the effect of a more natural work atmosphere. Another worthwhile consideration is to look into noise reduction measures within the workspace using acoustic-sensitive materials. To experience an additional positive effect on your workplace environment, consider an experiment with aromatherapy which might bring a whole new atmosphere to what might otherwise seem stale. The overall effect is one of openness and eco-friendly workspaces that welcome employees and the public into your office. 

4. Technology-driven trends, such as the increasing use of virtual reality in work environments

Virtual reality is now coming of age on its own by being able to allow remote workers to feel a part of their work environment and them being able to be in collaboration with work colleagues in real-time space. Additionally, VR can be used instead of a zoom meeting enabling the users to be part of a meeting as if they were in the meeting place or at a conference/training seminar. 

Other new ways of using VR can be… 

  • Streamlining hiring and training processes
  • New types of workrooms
  • Create new marketing opportunities
  • Provision of privacy booths for real-time VR meetings

5. How to choose the right type of office furniture for your business

Excited man using laptop at office desk

It is in the best interests of your business to have the latest design trends available for your employees so that you can take advantage of the significant increase in productivity and job satisfaction. Ergonomic seating that is lightweight, movable walls or partitions, and furniture pieces that are maneuverable and can be quickly rearranged to accommodate a change to a meeting room or training facility makes the workplace adaptable and fluid in addition to being time efficient.  Allowing employees to choose their own office furniture within a budget also empowers them to feel that they have a greater part to play in the success of the business. This might be in the form of lower partitions, comfortable seating, standup desks and other trendy furniture items that contribute to the overall comfort of the work atmosphere.  

Business woman lifting small weights at office desk to get some movement while reading document

One of the encouraging trends in workplace reform with a view to employee care is that of encouraging movement with your employees in ways that benefit them for their ongoing health and fitness. Facilities like gymnasiums or even encouraging them to walk a bit further by placing lunchrooms further away if you have that option. An employee who engages in a walk around the block or some regular exercise will have fewer sick days off and perform at a higher level of productivity than others. A 2018 research paper into the benefits of exercise to people in the workforce and, more specifically, office workers found that there was at least a 15 per cent increase in work output of those who engaged in reasonably vigorous exercise weekly compared to those who do no form of exercise. This also translates into furniture that is more adaptable to movement and comfort.  

In Conclusion

2023 is shaping up to be an exciting year in new trends for office space and office dynamics, and you can be at the peak of the wave in terms of your own business. The character of your business is reflected in the presentation of your office space and employee facilities. Happy employees will be more productive and more effective in their role within your business, which can directly result from embracing the latest trends in office design and office furniture. We at Adina, with over 50 years of experience in office design and fit-out services, can provide you with a complete service to ensure your office space is up to date with the latest and most functional trends in office furniture and design. 

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