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Bathroom Upgrade Ideas that Truly Add Value to Your Home

Light and airy timber bathroom upgrade idea to add value to home

If you're like most people, you’re wondering if your bathroom could use a timely upgrade. Maybe it's about a new vanity setting, or maybe you need to replace that old shower space with frosted glass shower screens. No matter what your bathroom renovation needs may be, it's worthwhile to consider upgrades that can truly add value to your home. In this blog post, we will discuss some of the best and latest ideas! Ideas like….

  1. A bathroom that is bright and airy
  2. Initial design and space
  3. New flooring - this can really change the overall look of your bathroom
  4. Some other good bathroom renovation/upgrade ideas

Let’s get into these ideas but before we do, we can’t stress enough how besides your kitchen, a well-designed bathroom makes a home special, appealing and most importantly way more enjoyable.

Bright and Airy for your bathroom

Young woman stretches in bright white fresh bathroom

You may be renovating an existing bathroom space or possibly planning a new bathroom space but whichever it is you will be pleased with the result if you focus on keeping it bright and airy. This is especially true for a smaller bathroom, as this will make it feel much larger than it really is.

The bathroom is often under-valued in the minds of many people but considering the time spent in it and the comfort it brings to you it is worth considering spending a bit more to create a unique yet functional and aesthetically appealing space for you and your family.

We are going to continue to look at a number of bathroom renovation ideas to help you create a space that will be a delight to enter and even more so a delight to spend time in and bathe in.

Initial design and space

Big bathroom leading onto outdoor courtyard

To give your bathroom that airy look, consider a skylight or maybe a large window opening onto a screened garden space. Picture yourself while enjoying your bath or shower, looking out on a beautiful green space. Another consideration might be the size of the space you are allocating to your bathroom. Today’s bathrooms are much larger and less cluttered than those from some years ago. This allows that feeling of space to invade your senses but also enables the interior designer to be able to incorporate a larger shower niche or bathtub into that space.

Your Shower Space

Long modern bathroom with large bath and shower spaces

Let’s start at the shower space. Many of the older shower stalls were not big enough to swing a face washer let alone enjoy a refreshing shower experience. These days you can have a shower niche that allows freedom of movement, frameless glass or none at all and the latest shower head with a remote control that allows multiple spray settings like waterfall, steam, mist or soft while encompassing 8 primary coloured synchronised LED lights. WOW!

While we’re on about spacious and airy, why not take into account the importance of incorporating good airflow through exhaust fans or open windows.

New Flooring

Freestanding bath on tiles with pebbles for flooring behind bath

Tiles have been for many years the accepted flooring for bathrooms due to the need for a waterproof covering, however lately terrazzo has re-established itself as an alternative with the advantage of being able to be rounded up the walls to provide a seamless transition to the wall tiles, with the complimentary look of clean mould free lines. Tiles of course, in the shower and bathroom need to be slip-free to be safe underfoot once wet. Some options these days are available for underfloor heating, though in our climate this may seem a little unnecessary.

Some other good bathroom renovation ideas

Your vanity basin and cabinetry

Big bathroom with white and black marble wall tiles and light timber cupboards

Vanities these days are often mounted above the cabinetry giving a look of elegance and sophistication. While you're at it, think about the height of the bowl as small children will have difficulty reaching the vanity. Another consideration is having dual vanities backed by mirrored cabinets giving a level of functionality yet still aesthetically pleasing. It’s a good idea to consider the lighting around or above the mirrors particularly for applying makeup. Also having power docks in the cabinet drawers so that your power appliances like hair dryers. hair straighteners and electric toothbrush holders are hidden away from sight yet easily accessible. This is where good interior design and the know-how to achieve it come together in one place.

Baths and Toilets

Another worthwhile consideration is installing a footed bath or alternatively a stone, porcelain or solid mono-surface bath with niches in the wall for candles, scented diffusers or even wine glasses. What a good idea we hear you say! Keep in mind the size of your bath particularly if you have the luxury of a larger space to work with. What about a toilet upgrade? Wall-hung toilets make cleaning a breeze and if room allows, you can conceal the cistern in the wall and create a nice ledge behind the toilet for some decorative items.

Some final bathroom renovation/upgrade ideas

  • Indoor plants add a touch of calming greenspace within the bathroom
  • Heated towel racks give your towels a nice warm feel and help them dry out quickly
  • Think about the placement of the towel racks so that they are within reach of the shower niche, bath or vanities for that matter
  • Heater/light/exhaust combination in the ceiling provides extra comfort and convenience
  • Good ventilation assists in humidity reduction, therefore, reducing mould growth
  • What about piped music or the sounds of birdsong playing on turning on the light

Start upgrading your bathroom today

If you’re looking for a way to lift your bathroom space and make it feel more inviting, bright and refreshing then try implementing some of the above tips. If though, you're unsure about how to go about doing the bathroom upgrade or initial design, then consider getting an interior designer for your Bathroom renovations in Bundaberg onto the job. They will help you choose colours or tiles, fittings, and cabinetry and give you professional advice on how to create a bathroom space that will be a pleasure to behold. At Adina Designed Interiors - Bundaberg, we have years of experience working with clients to upgrade their bathrooms and other living areas into spaces that are not only beautiful and inspiring but also just a delight to live in. If you are ready to really enjoy your living space, contact us today!

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