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Top interior design trends for 2023

Designer courtyard in modern home with dark tiles, gold accents and green plants throughout with circular feature stairs in back corner

When it comes to interior decorating & design you can allow your imagination to take over with a boldness that previously would have been seen as vulgar. French interior designer Phillipe Monsure states that the most captivating home decoration trends are those that boldly express your own unique style. So are you curious about what interior design trends will be popular in 2023?

If so, read on to learn about the top trends that experts say will take off in the next few years. From earthy tones to bold statement pieces, there is sure to be a trend that appeals to your taste, but keep in mind that you have the freedom to explore your own ideas boldly. 

The most captivating home decoration trends are those that boldly express your own unique style

Phillipe Monsure - French interior designer

The top interior design trend for 2023 is biophilia, which is the love of nature and connecting with the natural world.

2023 interior design trends are turning to biophilia, which emphasises connecting with the natural world in interior spaces. If you're thinking of using this trend in designing your interior space, interior design experts in Bundaberg can provide personalised advice to create a balanced, harmonious feel in your home. Biophilic interior design adds elements from the natural world into interior environments such as flower and plant wallpaper, displaying ornamental plants, or bringing outdoor elements indoors like branches or shells. This trend provides an excellent way for homeowners to remain connected with nature while staying at home and that is where your own unique style can be scaffolded by advice from our interior design experts.

The term biophilia, which refers to the human tendency to interact with other forms of life. In design, it means creating a sense of harmony between your home and the world outside

Jessica Bennett, Better Homes & Gardens

This trend includes bringing nature into the home with plants, natural materials, and earthy tones.

Bottles of natural cleaner with plants and organic cleaning products

This trend of bringing nature into the home involves incorporating natural materials, earth tones, and plants into interior design. If you're looking to bring this interior design trend into your home, a few helpful tips are to start small - incorporate elements like woven baskets or plant prints - and expand from there as your interior design develops. Investing in natural textures such as wood, leather, and stone can provide visual interest while helping to create a link between the outdoors and indoors. Don't be afraid to experiment with different kinds of plants too; they not only look beautiful but also help to purify the air in your home. While we’re there, integrating wall tones of sage green, ochre, or earth clay into the space enhances that earthy feel giving the space the natural look that you seek. 

Biophilic design has been shown to reduce stress, improve moods, and boost productivity.

Man sits at desk surrounded by trees and indoor plants with dog asleep on floor

Biophilic design is a trend that is quickly gaining traction because of the numerous beneficial effects it can have on its inhabitants. Experts suggest that it may lift the mood of your home by creating a feeling of being connected with nature. By introducing elements such as houseplants, natural materials, and natural light into your home’s interior, you may be able to find respite from stress and induce a calming, homey feel. This can lead to improved productivity and mental well-being for those living in the space, making biophilic design an excellent strategy to consider for your home's design and even your office design.

Other popular trends for 2023 include maximalism (a return to opulence), global influences, and sustainability.

Luxury house in beige and white colours and elegant lighting throughout

Interior design trends in 2023 are looking to also be focused on high-end innovation while respecting sustainability and cultural influences. Maximalism is making a return to high-end opulent styles, with a focus on rich textiles and vibrant colours, but with improved attention towards the environment. Otherwise known as "sustainable interior design," homeowners are being encouraged to invest in pieces that offer lasting value and craftsmanship that reduce overall waste. This year is also presenting an array of global influences from international aesthetics such as Bauhaus, Asian-inspired motifs, Japandi/Scandinavian design and even influences from Africa in fashion and decorations. From high-end design to eco-friendly practices, homeowners have an array of choices this year when creating their perfect interiors.

If you're looking to update your home's style this year, consider these top trends!

Hat hanging on wall surrounded by green indoor plants and white pots

With 2023 here, now is the perfect time to consider home interior design trends and come up with your own bold look. From colour palettes and furniture to large-scale pieces and home staging, there are a variety of home design choices for every style preference. Whether your preference is a contemporary look or something with classic flair, some of the top home trends from 2022 are sure to carry into this year and include bold-coloured accent walls, green accents and nature-inspired décor, as well as mid-century modern details such as modern curves in arches, rounded curved furniture with bold colours with clean lines and unexpected subtle colours like mint, lilac and iceberg or rain. 

Some of the top trends for 2023 include

  • open plan design
  • sustainability and biophilic design
  • minimalism 
  • out with the grey and in with pastels and neutrals
  • unpredictable accessories and thrift shop nick nacks
  • dark academia design with dark wood and a library of books 
  • curves in design and in furniture pieces using arches

With these home interior design ideas in mind, your home will be refreshed for 2023!

Now you're armed with the interior design trends for 2023

Biophilia, or the embrace of nature, is set to be a big interior design trend this year. This trend includes bringing natural elements into the home, like plants, natural materials, and earth tones. Not only does biophilic design look great, but as discussed also has been shown to reduce stress levels, improve moods, and boost productivity. If you're looking for other popular trends for this year, consider maximalism (a return to opulence) or minimalism (a return to simple and uncluttered), global influences, and finally sustainability. No matter what your style is, there's sure to be a trend that you'll love! Remember though that your unique style is by far the most enhancing trend for your home this year and if you need help with your interior design visions, talk to our designers today!

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