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Carpenter measuring wood

Cabinet maker vs carpenter - which one do you need & is there a difference?

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between a cabinet maker and a carpenter? If you're planning on doing some home renovation work or building a new home, it's important to know which professional is best suited for your job. So, whether you're a first-time homeowner or an experienced renovator, let’s explore the differences between these two tradespeople and when you might need one over the other.

Office furniture and feature lamp showing the office furniture design trends

2023 office furniture design trends: what you need to know

The 2023 office furniture design trends are starting to take shape, and we wanted to give you a sneak peek at what is coming. With the thoughts of pandemics and lockdowns behind us, we are looking forward to new ways of working and new styles of in-office workspace. Here is a closer look at these trends and what you can expect in the years ahead.

Shop Design Timber

12 Amazing Shop Design Ideas To Get More Sales [+Pics]

Despite the popularity of online shopping, the bricks-and-mortar store still provides a huge amount of income for businesses. But as customers become increasingly discerning in terms of how and where they spend, retailers are being pressured to think of new and innovative ways to keep and capture customers.  From window displays and visual merchandising to fit-out and product ...

Nook Kitchen

4 Awesome L Shaped Kitchen Designs

Kitchens need to be designed in a usable way, and L shaped kitchens do that better than any other. The success of an L shaped kitchen design lies in its spaciousness and accessibility, but there are some benefits from a design perspective too. L shaped kitchens allow architects and designers to make use of as much boundary space as possible, which leaves you with the freedom ...

Kitchen Pendant Light

The Best Kitchen Bench Lighting Ideas

The kitchen is the heart of any home—celebrations, family events, and entertaining all start in the kitchen. An essential part of this is the humble kitchen bench. Kitchen benches are not only used for food preparation, but are also spaces for homework, arts and crafts, reading, sudoku, and makeshift bars. While some kitchens are blessed with natural lighting, others will need ...

Hamptons Interior Design

4 Stunning Examples of Hamptons Interior Design

Hamptons styling is a form of interior design that focuses on space, depth, and rich textures. It originated in the coastal regions of New York, and is famed worldwide for its brightness and unique approach to space and texture. But it’s scarce in Australia, despite it fitting well with the modern Australian home and lifestyle, which focuses on living spaces that combine indoor ...

How to Mix Textures in Interior Design

Revamping your interior design is an easy way to make your home feel new and fresh. Interior design involves the use of colour, lighting, space, as well as understanding how to use texture to add style, elegance and your own touch. Imagine stepping into a room made entirely of wood—chairs, floor, ornaments, everything. There’d be no depth, no texture, and no ambience to the r ...

Kitchen Design and Layout

The Importance of Kitchen Design and Layout

If you’re thinking of renovating your kitchen, you’ve got two important considerations to balance: practicality, and design. On the one hand, you need to ensure that your kitchen is a functional and easily used space. But on the other hand, kitchens are a design focal point, and a space for you to exercise some creative energy.  To achieve the balance between practicality and ...

Interior Design

What Is Interior Design? And Why Is It Important?

Shelter is a basic human need, and over the last 300,000 years, we’ve gone from living in rudimentary caves, to building mud and wood houses, brick and stone houses, and eventually, sprawling marble palaces dripping with beauty. As our species evolved and became prosperous, and we found ourselves with surplus resources for the first time, we were able to create homes that were ...

Design Your Home Office

Expert Tips On How To Design Your Home Office

As the COVID-19 crisis lingers across the world, and millions of people are forced to work from home, a silver lining is revealed: people feel more productive working from home,1 and many companies are moving to permanent work-from-home models as a result.2  With home working becoming permanent for many of us, it’s about time we designed a home office that looks great, and enh ...

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