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Laundry Storage Ideas – Making The Most Of This Underutilised Space

Laundry Storage Ideas – Making The Most Of This Underutilised Space

Doing laundry is a necessary (and seemingly unending) part of life, but it doesn’t have to take over your home. Clever laundry storage ideas don’t just make doing the washing simpler; a well-designed laundry can turn this space into an organiser’s paradise – keeping other areas of your home clear of clutter. Having a well designed, well-organised and fully equipped laundry s ...

Design Trends for Queensland offices

Design Trends for Queensland offices

The Queensland climate influences many design trends in offices. Protection from the extreme weather is essential, but it is also important that workers do not feel too closed in. There needs to be a balance between insulating a room from the heat and limiting the harsh rays of sun that flow through the windows, whilst still supporting the flow of natural light and air. We have ...

Cheap and Easy Storage Solutions for Small Spaces

Nothing makes a small area seem even smaller than clutter. The first rule for an uncluttered home is to have a place for everything and everything in its place, but in a small space, that can be a difficult task. Difficult, but not impossible. Even the smallest home can be a haven of organisation with these handy storage tips Make the Most of Empty Space What empty space? you ...

3 Reasons Your Workspace Needs a Makeover

You’ve left the office behind for 2014. It was a good year, or maybe it was just a long one, dusted and over, ready to be forgotten in a fog of holiday bliss. In 2015, you’ll return refreshed and ready to take on the world…until you step inside and the same white, blank walls stare back at you. Your uncomfortable office chair still makes that weird noise if you sit too quickly ...

5 Popular Interior Designs Styles

What interior design style are you? A recent survey by found that Australians continue to opt for modern interiors as their most preferred interior design style. However many would agree that the word ‘modern’ often means different things to different people. For some it means the ultra-modern look with sharp edges and bright solid colours, but for other hom ...

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