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Interior Design

What Is Interior Design? And Why Is It Important?

Shelter is a basic human need, and over the last 300,000 years, we’ve gone from living in rudimentary caves, to building mud and wood houses, brick and stone houses, and eventually, sprawling marble palaces dripping with beauty. As our species evolved and became prosperous, and we found ourselves with surplus resources for the first time, we were able to create homes that were ...

Design Your Home Office

Expert Tips On How To Design Your Home Office

As the COVID-19 crisis lingers across the world, and millions of people are forced to work from home, a silver lining is revealed: people feel more productive working from home,1 and many companies are moving to permanent work-from-home models as a result.2  With home working becoming permanent for many of us, it’s about time we designed a home office that looks great, and enh ...

Office Space Renovation

Why You Should Renovate Your Office Space While Employees Are Working From Home

It’s been an unusual couple of months, and there’s been no shortage of challenges. But with a change in circumstances, comes a few rare opportunities. And one of the best opportunities that we can offer at the moment is office space renovation! The benefits of renovating your office space now are pretty clear, but let’s take a look at the specifics. We are confident that you’l ...

Small Rooms

Innovative Ways to Add Space to Small Rooms in your Home

There are small rooms in every home. And as far as we’re concerned, that’s not a bad thing! In fact, there are many circumstances in which adding small rooms to a home is the best way to optimise its space efficiency. However, that doesn’t mean small rooms aren’t sometimes a little trickier to work with. We know from experience that small rooms are a little less forgiving when ...

Redesigning Spaces In Your Home

A Guide to Redesigning Spaces Within Your Home

All homes are different. Mostly, they reflect the needs and preferences of their owners. But sometimes, it can feel like the shoe doesn’t quite fit. If you’ve got that sort of feeling, it might be time to redesign some spaces within your home. It’s only natural that, as your circumstances change, you outgrow certain aspects of your home. For example, as your family grows, you ...

Kitchen Colour Scheme

How to Choose the Right Kitchen Colour Scheme

Re-designing a Kitchen can be a little daunting to say the least. The reason for that is simple: it can be the most complex! And when it comes to kitchens, colour schemes are no different. Do you want one that blends? Or perhaps you want one that makes a statement. In either case, you need to give some thought to your kitchen’s colour scheme, before you can find the perfect one ...

Designing An Office Fitout

Designing An Office Fitout | Expert Tips

Every office goes through a fitout stage at some point. Whether it’s during the formative stages of setting up your business, or during periods of expansion, office fitouts are vital. They ensure that your office space remains vibrant and productive. But they also ensure that your amenities are clean and functional, and your space is free from hazards. Office fitouts aren’t al ...

Colour Scheme for your Home

Choosing a Colour Scheme for your Home | Expert Tips

Design and colour go hand in hand. Whether it’s the colour scheme in your bedroom, or the colour scheme on your exterior, choosing well is vital. But it’s not always easy. There’s such a massive array of colours to choose from. So how do you get it right? Well, the first thing to try is expert advice. An opinion from a design specialist will certainly point you in the right di ...

Choose The Right Coffee Table

How To Choose The Right Coffee Table

Coffee tables are so often the finishing touch to a new home, a new living room, or new décor. But, as with any furniture, there’s a lot out there. Whether you’re trawling the innumerable aisles of Ikea, or taking a look at your local antique centre, the options are sure to overwhelm you. That means you’re likely to have a tough choice ahead: of all the coffee tables out there ...

Creative Ways To Make The Most Of Kitchen Corners

Creative Ways To Make The Most Of Kitchen Corners

The purpose of interior design is simple: keep that dead space at a minimum. But sometimes that’s easier said than done. Some areas of our homes are a little tricky to work with. Chief among them is the kitchen corner! Kitchens are one of the few rooms in our homes that serves a specific purpose. As a result, everything needs to be well set-out. Storage is the best way to do th ...

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